Everything Under the Sun

International Quilting Ministry

Thank You Ann Drake!!! You are both loved and Famous.

When Ann said she was going to Ethiopia I said I want to go! so we bought tickets together and went September 3-16 2016

Ann and her friends brought 280 hand made quilts collected  from all around the USA. They planned to give them to needy kids. And we did just that.

I had no real plans of what i would do in Ethiopia on my visit. But i knew that i was going yo Sele Enat Orphanage for the first time with my brother Abayneh. Ann said we have quilts to give. How many kids are at Sele Enat? 70 kids
Great she and her group gave every child there own quilted blanket.

How beautiful are the hands of God that bring good news and show love.

I am most humbled that i could be used to help in warming the mind body and soul of all involved.

I am the most proud of the picture where the kids in the cribs are all tucked under the blankets. If you notice before they had the quilts they slept in there cloths to stay warm.